Healing stone diffuser bracelets!

Sodalite- promotes self esteem, self confidence, and self trust.


Rose Quartz- stone of universal love, self love, and friendship.


Tigers Eye- helps release fear, anxiety, and clear  your mind. 


Rhodonite- stone of compassion  & love, helps balance yin & yang.


Green  Aventurine- promotes prosperity &  good luck, aids in decision making.


African Turquoise- promotes structure,  prosperity, & balance. 


White Howlite- aids in sleeping, calming mind & body, helps release stress. 


Labradorite- useful companion through change. Protects aura &  grounds energy. 


Turquoise- promotes good luck, friendship, love, & emotional balance. 


Carnelian- promotes motivation & stimulates creativity.


Jade- promotes good luck, friendship, & protects from harm. 


Goldstone- promotes confidence, positive attitude &  happier mindset. 


Amethyst- alances crown chakra, helps relieve nightmares

 & insomnia.



Add a few drops of essential oil to the pores of the black diffuser beads and they will diffuse throughout the day!
You can choose between the sparkly spacer or the plain round spacer. 


5pc Gemstone Diffuser Bracelet, Crystal, Healing Stone, Stretchy

5pc Gemstone Diffuser Bracelet, Crystal, Healing Stone, Stretchy

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  • Measure the diameter of where the bracelet will rest on your wrist as seen in the picture above in inches. 


    Size kids- fits approximately 5-5.75in

    Size small- fits approximately 5.5-6.25in

    Size medium- fits approximately 6-7in

    Size large- fits approximately 6.75-7.5in

    Size XL- fits approximately 7.25-8in