Sunrise shells are an extremely rare and can only be found on the beaches of Hawaii. They get the name "sunrise shell" for being the first thing you see on the sand when the sun rises. 
Sunrise shells are shells from a type of small scallop native to only the Hawaiian Islands. The scallop lives in very deep waters (approximately 300–600 ft.) surrounding the islands.
Over time, storm currents mix the shells with sand and bring them closer to shore. 
Sunrise shells were traditionally very sacred to the ancient Hawaiian people. They are extremely rare and the colors of the sunrise and moonrise shells are naturally created by the mystical elements of life. The scallop shell is sacred to the Goddess as it symbolizes the journey of the human. The scallop design symbolizes the starting points from which the soul begins its journey. 
The sunrise and moonrise shells represent hope, happiness, healing, strength, joy and protection. They are a symbol of carrying the aloha spirit and of sharing it with others.

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18" chain

Hawaiian Sunrise Shell Necklace, Sunnie, Sterling Silver, 14 Karat Gold Filled

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